Comprehensive risk management of Chronic Kidney Disease populations​

One-size-fits-all approaches to managing CKD financial and medical risk are failing.

Compass Integrated Care’s tailored approach is here to fix that.​

The Problems We Solve​

Focus on End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Misses the Bigger Opportunity​

The total costs for patients with CKD stage 3 through 5 (before dialysis) are more than twice that of total cost of care for ESRD.

General Care Management Falls Short​

Varied clinical and utilization characteristics in each insurance segment requires clinically specialized, data-driven approaches to deliver value.​

General Care Management Falls Short​

Traditional Identification Methods Fail

  • Recognition failure of up to 90% of patients with CKD.
  • Inaccurately stages patients who are identified.

Misunderstanding of Clinical & Financial Risks​

  • Hidden costs create enormous risk​.
  • Inability to prioritize risk at patient level​.

The Right Patient, The Right Care, and The Right Time

  • Irregular therapeutic response
  • Inability to delay CKD progression
  • Inefficient and wasteful care operations 

Leading to Excessive Costs & Injury to Patients​

  • Reduces opportunity for kidney transplantation​.
  • Mortality & morbidity increases​.
  • CKD patients cost 300% more than non-CKD​.

Who We serve?

Accountable care organization



Like-minded Partners​

Compass Solutions

Identify & Prioritize​

Proprietary, clinically-informed, machine-learning methodologies identify members with CKD before health systems recognize them.​

Specialized Care Management

Manage CKD populations with better results than today’s unfocused, cookie-cutter approaches.​

the compass difference

We don’t just rely on a Dx code to count CKD patients. We ingest lab values, claims data, and additional medical information to accurately predict clinical and financial risk of your populations.​

This results in a prioritized list of patients and their associated risks.​

A guaranteed ROI of 300%+.​

Backed by a team with 100+ years of experience in solving complex health care delivery problems. Care management expertise rooted in nuances of renal care.

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